Breastfeeding: quick fixes

It is the breastfeeding experience I had with my second son, Ethan, that first gave me the idea for this blog. He fed so often and drank so much that it left me feeling unable to cope. I met lots of other mums from differing generations who understood how this felt. Many said they had to move their baby on to ‘hungry baby’ formula as they couldn’t produce enough breast milk. While Ethan drained all the energy from me he soared to the top of the weight chart. I turned to my diet to try and improve my milk supply and energy. Ideally you would also add in more sleep at every opportunity (!), but if you can’t do this then what you eat can certainly improve your ability to continue breastfeeding through the exhaustion, and provide the milk your baby requires. I could go no longer than an hour or two without being overcome with hunger, so I had to be careful that I kept saturated fats to a minimum and include more good fats to increase my energy. I found cutting out too many of the good fats affected my milk supply. This is no time to diet, but I had to find recipes that enabled me to eat as much as I liked of them without piling on the pounds. They also had to be ready in a flash and have a good fridge or tin life – ready for whenever I wanted them. Certain foods may affect your breast milk and cause your baby discomfort, for example I couldn’t eat cabbage, beans, pulses or much egg, as this resulted in a lot of discomfort for Ethan. Keep an eye on the foods you eat and your child’s mood, as they may be linked. The recipes I formulated during this time are designed to keep you well nourished and full throughout the day. They store well and are great for dipping into whenever you feel your hunger becoming uncontrollable. Most can be taken with you on the move, and will hopefully stop you reaching for other snacks high in sugar, salt and saturated fat.



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