I am a working mum with 2 children (and 1 husband), and during the last five years have taken an increasing interest in nutrition for my family and me. Over the last 2 years in particular, I have researched and experimented with reducing cooking and preparation processes to make it easier and quicker for parents to feed themselves and their children. When I had my second child in 2010 I had to seriously look at my diet, and my relationship with creating food in the kitchen. He needed so much of my milk he soared to the top of the weight chart and drained all my energy – I turned to my diet to increase my milk supply and energy. I know what it’s like to have your patience tested to breaking point, and know how precious time, sleep and money can be. I want to make it easier for parents to provide nutritious, delicious, affordable and quick meals for their family and friends. All my recipes are very short, take no more than 22 minutes to prepare (the time it takes to cook oven chips), and are laid out in a unique and easy to read format (different from any other recipe book). The exhausting and challenging family years spanning from planning a family to raising a family, demands many differing nutritional needs along the journey, and certainly more speed in the kitchen (all without compromising on flavour). I passionately believe that food plays an integral part in your family’s health, and that paying more attention to this does not have to impact on your time or budget.

The Smiths

The Smiths


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