Delicious oaty & fruity bake in 20 minutes

I adapted a normal crumble topping recipe for a friend who was intolerant to wheat. It worked so well with oats that I started to try adding other ingredients to make it even healthier (seeds and dried fruit). The oat topping goes crisp in the oven almost like a granola, and gives a nice crunch to the topping. The seeds toast in the oven and give it a nutty flavour, as well as providing you with Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fats.  I’ve used frozen fruit as it is often cheaper and as it is frozen straight after picking it has more nutrients than fresh fruit that is a few days old. Using margarine instead of butter makes this lower in saturated fat, and can be eaten if you are intolerant to lactose (check carefully in the ingredients as some margarines do contain lactose, however Stork and the ‘Pure’ range are lactose free and widely available).

I made this last night for some friends last minute and I adapted the recipe slightly by using a mixture of all the frozen fruit I had in my freezer – blueberries, cherries, mixed forest fruits and raspberries. I didn’t have any fresh strawberries so I omitted them. I also used some apple & mango juice instead of orange juice and it still worked really well.

Oaty, fruity bake recipe

Oaty fruity bake

Oaty fruity bake



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