A fast, healthy evening meal from scratch in 15 minutes

On Wednesdays my parents travel all the way from Otford to Watford to look after my 2 boys whilst I go to work. They travel about 120 miles in one day to do this for us, and it is something I am very grateful for. It is fantastic if you can get family to help with childcare, and I do realise how lucky I am to have this once a week. I didn’t get in until gone 7 pm this evening, and needed to cook something delicious and quick for us and my parents before they left for their journey home. I cooked my ‘Fragrant Thai chicken noodle soup’, and is cooked from scratch in 15 minutes. It not only produces immediate mouth watering aromas to get your appetite going, but you don’t have to wait long to eat the finished result. There are plenty of times when you may need evening meal inspiration for your family, and it is often when you are exceptionally hungry and tired at the same time – a bad combination and often results in take away (expensive and often a longer wait than my recipes on this blog!). I wrote the recipe using ‘straight to wok’ udon noodles, but it works equally as well with dry egg or wheat noodles (reduce the amount from 600g to about 450g if using dry noodles).

Fragrant Thai chicken noodle soup

Fragrant Thai chicken noodle soup


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