Healthy ‘fast food’ for a quick kids tea when you’ve had a hectic day

I had Luke’s 6th birthday party on Saturday and amongst organising the party, making the cake, sorting party bags and the excitement of the day you don’t realise how late it is when you get home. It gets to 6 pm and all you want to do is slump in a heap when you realise the kids need something to eat before they go to bed. I find this kind of thing happens often as parents – it doesn’t just have to be a special event like a birthday party, it could be a late day at work means you aren’t back in time to embark on a culinary masterpiece for your children! I have been following a thread on Netmums about this in particular, and it seems there are a lot of mums who feel guilty that when they work they don’t have time to cook healthy meals for their children. A lot of working mums suggested a slow cooker. I have one of these and do find it useful although only tend to use it every now and then. They are very welcoming when you walk in to your house to the beautiful aroma of slow coked meat for example. It does however limit you somewhat, and doesn’t account for the days when you are caught on the hop. The author of the thread responded to my email mentioning this blog, and she thought it was a great idea. I said I would post her a recipe of mine that included fish that her daughter would like. So, as promised I am including my ‘Lime & dill salmon fishcakes’. The recipe uses tinned salmon so you can have it in the cupboard ready. I make sure I use wild Alaskan tinned salmon (available from all major supermarkets) for this recipe as it ensures you are buying fish from a sustainable source. It is also better for you as it has not been bred in fish farms (like the fresh standard and organic supermarket salmon) and as a result is higher in Omega-3, and will not have any levels of toxins and chemicals present. Look out for the sustainable source logo on the tin. Please do buy skinless and boneless, it makes it much quicker and kids don’t like the crunch you get even with soft bones. If you don’t have any fresh dill then try dried, or any other fresh herb you may have. I used coriander for my last batch, but do think dill goes really well.

I have recently started using cold pressed rapeseed oil as it is much healthier than cooking in olive oil. Olive oil has twice as much saturated fat than rapeseed oil. I bought mine in Asda and is a beautiful golden colour and gives these fishcakes a wonderful crunch and colour without high levels of saturated fat. I checked the back of all the oil bottles in Asda and it’s true – rapeseed oil is healthier for you. I’m going to start cooking with it now instead of olive oil. Serve these fishcakes with peas and/or sweetcorn as this can be done whilst they are frying. If they like them why not do a big batch and freeze them?

Lime & dill salmon fish cakes

Lime & dill salmon fishcakes

Lime & dill salmon fishcakes


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