Is it really possible to cook quickly and healthily at the same time?

The very notion of ‘fast food’ conjures up images of walking into McDonald’s and picking up a burger and chips. Although we are now assured that the ‘pink slime’ recently present in the McD burgers is now gone, it still isn’t good for us on a regular basis. Pink slime was coined as a term for ammonia treated finely ground beef scraps and connective tissue. Just search the web for ‘pink slime’ and loads of articles will come up if you are interested to know more. I know that some evenings it’s nice not to cook, and you don’t feel bad about getting fast food such as McD’s because it’s affordable. However the price you pay to your health if you eat fast food like McD’s on a regular basis is high. I do really mean on a regular basis – I don’t think that banning your children from eating fast food like this altogether is the right move either – they will only want it more. Luke enjoys a McDonald’s, but I think he would soon get bored of it if he ate it more regularly. He enjoys it because it is rare and he gets a free toy – but he understands why it wouldn’t do him good if he ate it often. Pink slime production has seen a massive drop over the last month due to the publicity surrounding this disgusting stuff (much to do with the wonderful Jamie Oliver and his fabulous crusade for healthy eating). Some factories producing the stuff have even had to close down! Hurrah – this proves that if we really want to we can make a difference to what goes in our food. If we ate less fast food more fast food chains would close down! However, McDonald’s are opening another 1,300 outlets this year alone including their biggest ever restaurant at London’s Olympic Park (1,500 seats). It doesn’t look like they are going anywhere! Supermarkets are getting better at ensuring clearer labelling goes onto their products, but marketing is still unclear in many cases. For example, Fruit Shoots by Robinson advertise no artificial flavours etc, but stick loads of aspartame etc in the drink. Isn’t fruit juice sweet enough for children? Anyhow, I appreciate I maybe moving off tangent somewhat from the topic of this post! It is possible to cook quickly and healthily when you are short of time. The recipe below is another healthy recipe made in under 22 minutes for you to try.

Cod Provencal

Cod Provencal

Cod Provencal


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