Are you always too busy feeding everyone else in the morning to think about yourself?

I am often leaving the house on the school/work/childminder run with no food or drink inside me. By the time I get back home I often dash straight out the door to get my train into work. This means that I am sitting at my desk about to start a days work having been up for at least 3 hours and not had a single thing to eat or drink. This leaves me feeling lethargic and then leads on to a headache. I am however happy that my children were fed a healthy and filling breakfast, and feel fantastic that they will have had a good start to their day. I have kidded myself for a long time that this warm glow of achievement is enough to keep me going in the morning too. I realise I am wrong! As a mum you do put your children’s needs first, and when everything is a mad rush you often leave yourself to last, and more often than not leave yourself out altogether. How do we expect to be able to operate our jobs as parents if we don’t fuel ourselves? I wanted to share a recipe that I used when I was breastfeeding Ethan, as it’s something you can give your children in the morning at breakfast and you can drink in gulps as you move around them getting them their drinks, packing their bags, finding their shoes, finding your car keys etc etc. It has healthy fruit, filling porridge oats and lots of calcium from yoghurt and milk. I have called it the Power Smoothie. I made it this morning and it is also a good thing to give your children if you have run out of your healthier breakfast options. This morning I found I was low on milk for cereal and had forgotten to order my normal ‘healthy’ bread on my Asda shop and only had a cardboard white loaf that my husband bought from the corner shop – a slice of that with jam would not keep my energy burning boys full for more than 5 minutes. I felt better when I was then able to give them the Power Smoothie alongside the cardboard bread and ticked all the boxes for what a good breakfast should contain. Plus, they love it and I left the house less hungry and ratty as I had managed a glass too.

Power Smoothie

Power Smoothie

Power Smoothie


Ethan enjoying his Power Smoothie!

Ethan wanting more power smoothie!

Ethan wanting more Power Smoothie!


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